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March 23, 2011

Oh myyyyy.

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This will teach me to double-check more often. January 9 was MUCH longer ago than I’d thought you’d last seen me!

My excuses are various, sundry, good, and mostly non-Internets-worthy. Chief among them are what surrounded my decision to become what one might call “more flexibly employed.” (Sub-theme 3: don’t be afraid.) I have only good things to say about all of that; all is well, and the transition has been pleasant, if VERY…transitional.

Now, I’m well on my way back to being a regular person again – or at least, whatever passes for one in my own personal universe. So far, the very best part is a lot more activity in the kitchen…sadly undocumented, but shared widely with friends, which is more important in the end, yes?

My new relative-freedom to-do list actually does include spending more time around these parts. While destressing has involved a lot of quiet time, there’s been productivity and fun as well…and I’m actually going to write about some of it. Here’s a quick list, past and future. What do you want to hear about?


  • Classic cookies
  • New cookies
  • Adventures with tomatoes
  • Tea
  • How we’re eating


  • My knitting/crochet projects
  • My pals’ projects (especially those who make a living that way)
  • New ventures

Declutter/other DIY

  • Tackling Mount PileOBoxes
  • Organizational linky love
  • Success stories


Post title credit: the incomparable George Takei. Give early and often to the Japan relief effort; look George up on Twitter to find out how.


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