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September 16, 2008

The safe and sound report

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Hurricane Ike has passed over the Galveston-Houston area, and this not-so-intrepid blogger is now posted at her mother’s house, where there is power and a dial-up connection. Bryan and I came through just fine, with only some down tree limbs and a continuing power outage at home.

Not that many of the locals will be able to read this, but I know there are folks far and wide that read the various blogs of the Central Houston Stitch ‘n’ Bitch and will be curious how we have fared. So here’s the news as I have it:

Sea Anemone Amy, a Galveston native and resident, evacuated safely with her family. They have all returned to Houston and are staying with relatives, but do not know much about when they will be able to get back to the island.

Group member Liz (blogless, JanuarySix on Ravelry), a Clear Lake resident, evacuated safely to Austin and remains there at this writing.

Mo, Kelly (kelp!), Meredith, and Sarah (blogless, htownnole on Ravelry) and their respective husbands rode out the storm and are safe. I believe Katharine did the same with her parents.

There are a handful of other regulars and occasionals ([Mini]Laura, Esther, Sharron, Mingled Yarn Elizabeth) on whom I don’t have news. If any of you happen to be reading, please let me know!

I will bore everyone with our experience when I have a more reliable connection. In the meantime, please keep sending all your thoughts and prayers. A lot of folks down here really need them. Here’s hoping it gets closer to normal sooner than we think.


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  1. Hee! a nearly duplicate post!Good to hear you are okay. :) I hope to have electricity and internet soon.

    Comment by Laura — September 17, 2008 @ 4:20 pm |Reply

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