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August 26, 2007

Unbridled joy, straight out of the box

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That’s right…Plum Texan is now coming to you from my couch, courtesy of my kickin’ new MacBook. Woo hoo! I’ve waited a long, long time for this, and so far, it’s everything I’d dreamed.

I chose the 13.3-inch MacBook, which you’ll notice is not appended with a “Pro.” While I would certainly have loved the extra functionality, size was paramount, and even the smallest Pro has a bigger footprint than I wanted.

But I otherwise topped out the speed and other features, and with the able assistance of one TechieBK, upped the RAM to 2GB. She floats like a dragonfly, this one – especially with the addition of a wireless router (huzzah!) and a $40 IKEA Dave laptop table. I picked her up on Friday evening and spent today getting to know her, which has included a little fun and a fair bit of work – only mildly to my chagrin.

Meanwhile, Saturday was spent on an exhausting but satisfying adventure with one Sea Anemone, who let me twist her arm so very, very hard and have her join me on a trek to Twisted Yarns. We got to enjoy fantastic yarn talk with Janet, the other awesome store staff, and a handful of lovely customers from Pasadena. Then we happily let IKEA beat us to pieces, experienced the somewhat unnatural but very refreshing perkiness of Container Store staff, and heartily bitched nearly non-stop about the late August heat. Ah, good times.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have a moment to share my small but lovely yarn bounty. I may even aim for a photo or two!



  1. Woot! I am so excited you got a new puter! Those are always fun to play and get to know.

    Comment by Anonymous — August 26, 2007 @ 9:37 pm |Reply

  2. Ikea, I miss you verily! Also, new computer – yay! Have you named him/her yet?

    Comment by Jet — August 27, 2007 @ 1:31 pm |Reply

  3. HEY! *I* was at Twisted Yarns on Saturday! Seems like we’re always going to the same yarn stores on the same day. Weird.

    Comment by Laura — August 28, 2007 @ 7:41 am |Reply

  4. Congratulations on your new shiny MacBook and especially your new yarn! :-) It was good to see you both and to scoop you regarding Laura buying Silky Wool (gorgeous RED! And now only one left).

    Comment by Twisted Knitter — August 29, 2007 @ 4:31 pm |Reply

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