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February 1, 2007

Don’t panic

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I know this looks a bit different right now, and I also have lost most of my links in migrating to the new template (which appeared, you know, *required*). I’m not dissing anybody, believe me.

Plus, the entire reason I stopped by in the first place was to announce a long weekend in Austin. Don’t get jealous – I won’t be sitting around! It’s my 11th YMCA Texas Youth & Government state conference – time to corral teenagers into creating a newspaper for the Youth Government that will be at the Capitol this weekend.

In no way do I consider the trip to Hill Country Weavers when it’s all over a cherry on top. Rather, it is a grave responsibility. *somber face*

After starting over Saturday night, the Red Shawl Dammit is moving along nicely. I keep taking it out just so I can tell people what I’m calling it.

I’m going to try to borrow a better camera to take progress pictures. I’ll also be starting a Log Cabin to donate to a silent auction for a work event. LB Homespun on 11s should go quickly, right?

As blog posting inhibits my ability to finish packing, I’m off. I’ll miss the SnBuddies ™ tonight! Somebody split a brownie for me.

And can I get some “rain go away” vibes for good measure?

P.S. Yes, if the trip to HCW turns into SEX (non-knitters: stash enhancement expedition [I should put up a glossary]), I will show you what I get.


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